Bats for the vine

2 February 2021

For two years now, the wine growers of Sury-en-Vaux have installed bat
nesting boxes in order to maintain insect regulation.

The bats feast on the moths that come to lay eggs in the grapes. These cluster
worms destroy the fruit and endanger the harvest.

We made 150 nesting boxes and installed them in the vines near the hedges, so
the bats can find refuge and regulate the butterflies and other pests.
And it works! Bats, pipistrelles and other species come to nest alone or in pairs
maybe more. In the last two seasons with the help of the Bourges Museum,
specializing in bats, and with radar, we detected an average of 10 to 75
passages per night depending on the sector, with an exceptional night in July
2019 with 675 detections!

Many insects and other fauna like ladybugs, grasshoppers, spiders and flies
appear in the vines. Biodiversity is improving as winegrowers are now mostly
leaving the grass between the vines for example as alternatives to using
phytosanitary products.

These first two years have proved to be very positive and a step in the right
direction in our efforts to maintain and develop the environment.

cabane à chauve souris