The transference of winemaking knowledge for me, started with my grandfather Lucien, my father Maurice which I now I pass onto my daughter Perrine.

Our passion for making wine, allows us to produce the best wines possible for everyone to taste and enjoy, an aim we are very proud to achieve. 

The desire to preserve our terroir for future generations starts with respecting nature and it’s biodiversity, enabling us to produce good authentic wines.

Our estate has the advantage of being certified HVE (High Environmental Value), also since 2015 we are proud to be part of Terra-Vitis, a network of winemakers who share the same values of winemaking, respecting the vines, and surrounding environment.

We respect all specifications required for maintaining a sustainable and a responsible process of winemaking . Progression never stops, enabling us with  evolutionary knowledge, and with an ever changing climate, we make an effort to continue to do this.

Philippe Raimbault