The food and wine pairing to enjoy your pancakes!

1 March 2021

The big day has arrived ! Candlemas ! Whether you choose savoury or sweet,
we love this time of the year! However, we all ask ourselves the same question:

“What wine are we going to drink with our pancakes?”

To fully enjoy your meal, we advise you to accompany your savoury pancake
with a “Les Lumeaux” Pouilly Fumé. Whether you choose a traditional pancake,
or something more exotic like with salmon, or local sourced vegetables, the
subtle aromas of white fruits will bring your taste buds to life!

What about dessert? A sweet pancake of course! Do not hesitate to enjoy the
same wine. The dryness of this wine will perfectly balance the flavours.
Either way, don’t miss out on your pancakes, that’s essential!

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