The ideal dishes to accompany our Coteaux du Giennois Rouge

29 January 2021

Look out for us every month to discover new food pairings to accompany our different wines.

We are starting this year 2021 by sharing with you some recipes that will be perfect with our Coteaux du Giennois Red 2015.

This expressive and rich vintage with aromas of cherries with a slightly spicy taste can suit many different dishes. However, now we are going to reveal Philippe’s little secrets to perfectly savour this wine.

First of all, we recommend that you drink this wine at a temperature of around 12-14°c, or slightly chilled.

Starters:  As an apéritif with French cured sausage, paté or pulled pork.

Main courses:  Roast Beef, green beans and potatoes, grilled meats with a pepper sauce, duck breast or even Breton pancakes!

Cheeses:  Crottin de Chavignol, Rouy, Morbier or Saint Nectaire.

Desserts:  A chocolate cake, like a brownie.

That’s not all, as we cater for everybody, we offer you pairings for vegetarians!

We suggest chilli, replacing the meat with a selection of seasonal vegetables, as well as vegetarian lasagna, lentil based shepherd’s pie or a splendid onion tart!

All individual tastes are there to enjoy and don’t forget to share your photos and comments on our various social networks!